Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Integration Therapy

Psychedelics have been used by humans for millennia to access deeper parts of the mind. Using psychedelics, humanity has been able to unlock new perspectives, analyze thought and belief patterns and access suppressed feelings and memories. Today, psychedelics are being used to treat things like anxiety, depression, trauma and other mental health conditions. We do not administer psychedelic drugs. Instead we talk about your experience with you during a therapy session. By analyzing psychedelic experiences with your therapist, you can unlock deeper truths about yourself.
What is psychedelic integration therapy?
After having a psychedelic experience, talking with a therapist can help you understand deeper parts of yourself. During integration therapy, you and your therapist talk through your psychedelic experience. Together, you unravel the deeper messages your experience provided and talk through how the experience relates to your mental health.
Why should I seek psychedelic psychotherapy and integration therapy?
Working with psychedelics in a safe and monitored environment can help you uncover root causes to your thoughts, patterns and actions. You can discover how these underlying beliefs impact your life and contribute to your overall experience.
Psychedelic therapy and integration therapy can help with:
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Eating and sleeping patterns
  • Work and relationship issues

Through the use of psychedelics, you can better understand your past and how it impacts your current life. Through integration therapy, you and your therapist go over the things uncovered during your psychedelic experience and develop tools for intervention and coping.

Who can benefit from psychedelic integration therapy?

When you are ready to dive deeper into your subconsciousness and unlock underlying causes of your patterns, beliefs and thoughts, a psychedelic integration therapy session can help. We don’t offer treatment with substances that are not currently legal, but through integration therapy, you can understand psychedelic experiences and uncover truths about yourself, your beliefs and thoughts and how they impact your actions.

Please note that we do NOT administer any psychedelic substances to anyone. We also do NOT refer you to any person who administers or sells illegal substances. We use a harm reduction framework and will honor your experience.

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