Coping Skills

Life gets stressful for everybody and having a sharpened set of coping skills allows you to deal with those stressors in healthy and positive ways. In every session with one of our therapists, you’ll learn coping skills for everything from making it through a day with the kids to navigating situations at work. Learning coping skills with a therapist can elevate every aspect of your life. You’ll learn how to process trauma, decrease anxiety and depression, and form uplifting and positive self-talk that builds your love for yourself and for life in general.
How can learning coping skills help me?
If you’re bogged down by anxiety and stress, you won’t be able to perform your best and achieve your goals in your ideal fashion. Instead of living in a state of overwhelm, learn how to process the stressors that happen in life and develop ways to empower yourself to achieve your goals. Learning coping skills allows you to process events in life in ways that are healthy and affirming, and that positively propel you forward.
Examples of coping skills:
  • Evaluating thoughts and beliefs
  • Evaluating habits and reflexes
  • Grounding and mindfulness
  • Breathing techniques
  • Neuroscience hacks
Why should I work with a therapist on coping skills?

When you learn coping skills from a therapist, we work together to build a set of skills that are customized to you. We evaluate your current state and history and then work with short, practical interventions that you can use in everyday life to make a difference. Many of these interventions are 15-30 second exercises that allow you to navigate the realities of life.

Our goal is to graduate you from therapy with practical tools that allow you to change your life, not to keep you in therapy forever. By using coping skills, you can live in a state of natural calm, feeling grounded and less activated. We have tools and techniques that help you rewire your brain and change your thinking, and to create a more enriched and stable life for yourself.

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