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Some More Cacao Love!

Written by  Erena Digonis
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Have some cacao but don't know what to do with it, here are some great recipes!

1) Hot Cacao:

Almond milk in saucepan and 1 T cacao, stir it in, add natural sweetener. Pour into mug and enjoy!


2) Delicious cacao pudding!

Avocado (2), cacao ( i think 1/4 cup or 5 tablespoons, forget), 2 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 tablespoon vanilla, dash of sea salt (can use honey if need sweetener)


2 medium avocados
5 tablespoons of cocoa powder
3 tablespoons honey OR 6 dates, pitted
2-3 tablespoons coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
sea salt

Thank you Lynn Keating


3) Skin smoothing cocoa mask
-1 tablespoon cocoa powder
-1 teaspoon honey
-1 tablespoon ground oatmeal 
-2 tablespoons plain yogurt Gently massage onto moist, washed skin. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off.

Thank you Ilise Reilly


4) Cacao brittle

1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/3 cup cacao. Melt oil over medium heat. Add in cacao powder and mix. Add in whatever you like- crushed nuts, dried fruit, granola, protein powder. Put mixture on baking sheet and in freezer for 30 minutes and enjoy!


5) Vegan chocolate truffles/banana, silken tofu & Cacao pudding

Thank you MJ McConnell


6) Paleo Brownies 

From the lovely Lisa Demopoulos-Mustac:

Paleo brownies: 1(16oz) jar creamy roasted almond better, 2 eggs, 1 1/4 cup agave, 1tbs. Vanilla extract, 1/2 cup cacao powder, 1/2 tsp. Celtic sea salt, 1tsp. Baking soda, 1 cup dark chocolate chips. In a large bowl blend almond butter until smooth with hand blender. Blend in eggs, then agave and vanilla. Blend in cacao salt and baking soda, then fold in chocolate chips. Grease a 9 by 13 Pyrex baking dish. Pour batter into dish. Bake 325 for 35-40 minutes. These are really good!


7) Raw Chocolate Banana Tartlettes

2 cups pecans
8-10 medjool dates, pitted
1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 pinch ground cardamom
Filling (Inspired by a recipe on the Clean Green Simple website)
1 large avocado
½ cup raw cacao powder
1 banana
¼ cup grade B maple syrup (if you desire a sweeter pudding, add more to taste)
½ cup almond or other non-dairy milk
2 pinches of sea salt
Add all ingredients to a food processor and mix until thoroughly combined.  You may need to scrape down the sides with a rubber spatula.  Then add the mixture to the chilled tart crusts.  Place back into the refrigerator so the pudding can set.  Serve with sliced strawberries on top or a dollop of coconut cream (scoop out the creamy part of the coconut milk from a can that has not been shaken).  Top with cinnamon.  Enjoy!

Thank you Jessica Mishra
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I became inspired about cacao after seeing David Wolf, raw food guru, at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and was hooked!

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