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My Top 10 Tips to Boost your Energy Naturally!

Written by  Erena Digonis
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My Top 10 Tips to Boost your Energy Naturally!

A common question people ask me is what can I do to have more energy? We live in an over-stimulating, stressful and fast paced world that contributes to fatigue. We sometimes look at the wrong things for that quick fix energy boost. I had a client who was eating a candy bar and soda for lunch when she needed "energy" and no surprise, was struggling with staying awake. Be patient with yourself and create the space to incorporate healthier habits.

Here are my top 10 realistic tips to boost your energy:

1.  Take a few deep breaths

Do you notice that when you are tense you hold your breath?  Being properly oxygenated easily energizes. This is one of the quickest and least inexpensive (it is FREE) tools that we have to energize ourselves.

Check out Dr. Andrew Weil

2.  Eat smaller meals

Eating too much food and too much heavy food (animal products, sugar, white flour) contributes to low energy. It is taxing on your body to constantly digest. Honor your hungry and eat when your body truly needs the fuel. Also stop when you are 80% full and not bursting from the seams.

3.  Drink water

There is really no way around the water issue. One cause of low energy is dehydration. So start drinking!

4.  Pack a power snack that is lower sugar, high in fiber and protein.

Making better food choices prevents sugar spikes and . A few of my favorite power snacks are:

  • Apple and peanut butter
  • Non-dairy yogurt, berries and handful of high fiber cereal
  • Green smoothie or Rockin’ Wellness shake
  • Homemade egg drop soup with bok choy

What snacks to you like?

5.  Cup of green tea

Try tea before you have more coffee. Green tea also is a great source of antioxidants and has numerous health benefits.

6.  Laugh and smile

Being an adult can be very serious business so give in to that inner child and start laughing. At one of my previous social work jobs, I dealt with really upsetting issues on a daily basis. I certainly cried but I also made sure t laugh. Find that friend or colleague that you can have some good belly laughs with. Added bonus: Laughter also burns calories.

7.  Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be highly effective for low energy. If you are in the Long Island area, see Lynn owner of Acuport Acupuncture ( Lynn is an incredible acupuncturist and extremely knowledgeable.

8.  Bee pollen

This is an amazing superfood that has a very impressive nutritional profile. I have just starting adding 1 teaspoon in my smoothie. Some people have allergies, please use according to what the package says.  

9  Declutter the space you spend the most time in

Clutter is an energy drain!  Think about the time you spend looking for things. Looking at a clean space that is well organized naturally refreshes you.  Enlist the help of friends or family to get this project started!

10.  Schedule something that excites you

What do you love to do? Figure out what restores you and put it in your calendar today! You can do it alone for “me time” or with a friend.


Do you have any tips that energize you? Share in the comments section!









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