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Guest Blogger Annie: A Gift in Disguise

Written by  Erena Digonis
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A Gift in Disguise

I lost my voice. And my Type-A personality is not too happy about this.
I don't really have time to be sick, nonetheless to lose my voice.  I have clients to meet with, yoga to teach, blog posts and newsletters to write; I have a half-marathon to train for; I have this cleanse I am facilitating and need to be well for, and I am a mom!   Do you ever feel this way?
Talk about a wake up call.
I've been burning the candle at both ends, putting so much pressure on myself to try to catch up with my mile-long "to-do" list, stay on top of emails, work on curriculum, grow my business... but what about self-care? My body is clearly telling me (or maybe it was even yelling at me which is why I lost my voice?):
I'm starting to realize that I really do need to schedule in self-care. Literally look at my week and block out specific times for exercise, yoga, even bed-time as opposed to pushing these aside every time something else arises. Just as I encourage my family, friends and clients to prioritize their health, I need to do the same. And although I initially felt grumpy and frustrated with my body over the weekend, those feelings dissipated as I paused, breathed and recognized the beautiful gift in disguise. No 10-mile run on Saturday with friends, no yoga teaching on Sunday, had to postpone a session with a client... but I went to bed early three nights in a row, watched Jack skate his little heart out with joy and tenacity at his ice-skating practice, went for an adventurous walk with both kids in the crisp air and sunshine, read books with Sadie, drank mug after mug of hot water with lemon and grated ginger.
I surrendered into the present moment and allowed the weight on my shoulders to lift a little as I took some time to nourish myself.  Yes, not fun that it took me getting sick to force me to take a break. However, as opposed to judging myself and beating myself up, I am choosing to look at this experience as a gentle yet extremely valuable reminder for me. The to-do list will always be there.  The most important piece is that I take care of myself, nourish my spirit, fuel my body so that I can show up for my life with strength, authenticity, passion and energy.
Thank you, voice, for disappearing for a little while and helping me to reconnect with my inner stillness.
If you are also a Type A personality, could it be time for you to slow down and get onto your yoga mat? Perhaps take a moment to look at your life-balance right now.  What self-care practices can you schedule in for yourself this week to boost your health?
~ Annie Wagoner
Annie Wagoner is a Mom, Holistic Health Counselor, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Rasamaya Teacher, Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant,  Writer, Lover of Movement and a Foodie. For more information about her classes and workshops on health coaching, yoga, Pilates, and deep core nourishment, check out www.yourcorenourishment.com.
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